Retractable Awnings

Switch effortlessly between sunlight and shade with our versatile retractable awning solution!

Change your environment in seconds

Looking for an outdoor shading solution that is modern, clean, and requires no vertical support? Look no further than retractable awnings!

Mitjavila's Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer protection against the sun and rain while allowing you to choose between light and shade with the push of a button.

Mitjavila offers retractable awning structures made of aluminum, available in 23 different colours. These structures are durable and long-lasting, with replacement parts available. The water and UV-ray-resistant canvas used for Mitjavila’s retractable awnings is 100% acrylic and comes with a 10-year limited warranty against fading.

Retractable Awning Mechanisms & Installation

Choose from manual or motorized versions of Mitjavila's retractable awnings, with remote controls and wind/movement sensors available. An emergency hand crank is also available, and there is a 5-year limited warranty on mechanisms.

Installation is done by qualified technicians and is available as a turnkey service, with many installation options available, including against the wall, under the soffit, on the roof, and against the facia.

Available Models

Mitjavila offers a range of retractable awning models to suit different needs and preferences.

Regular Models

Mitjavila offers two regular models: the MONOBLOC 1440 or 1440V. They are for installation under the soffit, and have:

  • A maximum width of 34’1" and a maximum projection (opening) of 11’6"
  • An adjustable slope
  • A permanent optional hood cover made of aluminum with a baked enamel finish that doesn’t flake to keep it clean and prevent water from circulating between the wall and the unit

Robust models

Mitjavila offers two robust models: the 600 EX model or the cassette 600 EX model. They have the following caracteristics:

  • The 600 EX Model is a wall-mounted system designed for various applications. It has a maximum width of 34'1" and can be securely attached to the wall. This model offers the option of an additional protective cover, providing enhanced protection and durability. The system also includes a valance, which adds a decorative touch to the overall design.
  • The Cassette Model 600 EX is another wall-mounted system, but with a more compact design compared to the 600 EX. It has a maximum width of 19'1" and features an integrated protective cover that covers the entire system. This cover offers improved protection against wildlife such as birds and squirrels, as well as dirt and other external elements. The 600 EX Chest has a sleek and modern finish and does not include a valance, providing a more minimalist appearance.

Cassette Models

Mitjavila's cassette models include the semi-cassette model CANARD and the full cassette model FULL CASSETTE 250.

  • The CANARD has a width (along the wall) of a maximum of 19'1" and a projection (opening) of a maximum of 11'6". It has an adjustable slope and an integrated aluminum hood that covers the tube on which the fabric is rolled onto.
  • The FULL CASSETTE 250 has a width (along the wall) of a maximum of 19'1" and a projection (opening) of a maximum of 10'. It has a non-adjustable slope and provides better protection against wildlife and dirt.