Accordion Canvas Pergolas

Ideal for rain or shine, the accordion canvas pergola lets you make the most of the summer!

What is an Accordion Canvas Pergola?

An accordion canvas pergola is an awning with a permanent aluminum structure, with a canvas that can be retracted on demand, making it a hybrid between conventional stationary awnings and retractable awnings. The accordion canvas pergola allows you to enjoy the patio in all conditions, just like the stationary awning, but you don't have to take down the awning at the end of the season. Therefore, no storage is required.

What are its Benefits?

Flexible and scalable, the pergola can be opened and closed according to your needs and desired shade, resembling in its function the sunroof of a car. Ideal for sunny as well as rainy days, you can add curtains, mosquito nets and other accessories. This system is available in manual or motorized mode. Unlike a wooden pergola, the structure requires no maintenance.

How Does it Work?