Motorized Screens

A motorized screen will protect you from the sun, the wind, insects, and prying eyes.

If you want to improve the convenience and functionality of your covered patio without having to modify the architectural design of your home, Décor au Vent has the perfect product for you!

Mitjavila's Maximus Motorized Screen

The Maximus vertical screen awning offers you protection from insects and, more importantly, is so simple in its design that it can be adapted to many situations.

The Maximus vertical screen can be used for patios, verandas, picture windows, balconies, decks, pergolas, garage doors, and more! In fact, it's the perfect way to create a seamless indoor and outdoor space. This vertical screen allows you to have full functionality of your openings without compromising your view of the outside. In addition, depending on the fabric you choose, it can keep your home cool like a regular awning, so you'll see your air conditioning costs reduced during the summer.

Since the Maximus motorized screen is available in a variety of colors and sizes (from 6' x 6' to 20' x 13'), you can be sure it will match the architectural design and finish of your home. Now you can enjoy the great outdoors with added privacy without having to worry about bugs.

Made of fabric with Ferrari screens or mesh that reduce UV rays with 88% openings to block insects and provide privacy, the Maximus vertical screen is easy to install and comes with a 5-year warranty.

This motorized vertical screen is quickly gaining in popularity, so be sure to pick yours up as soon as possible!

See the brochure for the Maximus motorized screen from Mitjavila