3 Season Awnings

Discover durable stationary awnings for year-round shade, weather protection, and customizable privacy solutions

Fun; rain or shine!

Are you looking for a reliable and solid shading solution? Consider stationary awnings! These permanent structures are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide shade from May through October. Custom designs and accessories are available, providing privacy and protecting outdoor furniture from the sun's harmful rays.

Why choose a stationary awning?

Stationary awnings are built to last, with a sturdy, durable structure that provides superior protection from the sun, high winds and heavy rain. They can be adapted to different shapes and angles, without size limitations. In addition, they offer more privacy and allow for custom designs and accessories such as screens and curtains.

Structure and materials of stationary awnings

3-season awnings are not retractable and do not have a hard top, but they can be easily adapted to many shapes and angles. It is important to note that they require a sufficient slope to allow rain to run off the surface and avoid water accumulation. They are constructed with an aluminum frame and stainless steel bolts that resist rust, giving them longevity and durability. Replacement parts are available and painted structures can be customized.

Fabrics for 3 seasons awnings

The fabric for stationary awnings is 100% acrylic, water and UV resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection from the elements. Many collections are available and the fabric comes with a 10-year limited warranty against fading.

Installation options and annual removal service

Installation is performed by qualified technicians and turnkey service is available. Stationary awnings can be installed against the wall, under the soffit, above the roof line or as a stand-alone structure. Annual removal, storage and reinstallation service is also available, allowing for worry-free maintenance. In addition, a one-year limited warranty is provided.