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Designing the perfect outdoor space

Designing the perfect outdoor space

A backyard is an oasis. With just a few steps, you can find yourself in a little paradise of your own creation. With all of the potential a backyard can have in terms of supplying you with some much needed relief from all of your daily stressors, it’s important that your backyard be perfectly tailored to you. But how can you design the backyard of your dreams if you don’t even know where to begin? Keep reading to find out.

Make use of nature

Whether you prefer a more natural-looking space or a more modern space, adding greenery is never a bad idea. Greenery will add life and vibrance to your backyard in such a way that it will make it feel inviting and relaxing — just the qualities you want for your perfect hideaway. In fact, studies show that looking at the colour green produces a “calming a relaxing effect on the human organism” and can even lead to a boost in motivation and a decrease in anxiety. So not only will plants add beauty to your outdoor space, but they will also improve your wellbeing. It’s a win-win!

Think of the daytime as well as the nighttime

When designing the perfect outdoor space, it’s always important to think of what it will look like both during the daytime as well as the nighttime so that you can maximize your time in your quiet haven. For example, if you have any pathways in your backyard, you can set up pathway lights or even hang string lights over your patio, deck, or even in your trees to create a warm and inviting atmosphere — even during the evenings! You can also create a small fire pit by which you can relax or spend time with loved ones during cooler summer nights.

Make it perfect for entertaining

If you’re someone that likes to host parties or have small get-togethers with friends, then that’s definitely something you should consider when designing your dream outdoor space. You’ll definitely need a comfortable seating area that will fit the amount of guests you plan to have over. This could either be an outdoor dining area or a leisure area dedicated to comfy couches or Adirondack chairs (depending on your preference). Of course, if you’re hosting, you’re likely going to be barbecuing, so maybe you could even dedicate some backyard space to an outdoor kitchen!

Consider the size

As great as all of these ideas sound, sometimes they’re simply not feasible for the amount of space you actually have. After all, a perfect outdoor space shouldn’t make you feel cramped or claustrophobic. It should be a space that makes you feel totally at ease — and you can only get that if you’re mindful of the amount of space you have. So think of what’s most important to you in terms of making you feel at peace. If you like to relax, create a comfortable seating area in which you can just lie back, read a book, and forget your worries — and make that the focal point of your backyard.

Add an awning

Adding an awning to your backyard can actually be the perfect solution to all of your backyard design woes. You can extend it and create a perfect entertainment area when the sun’s rays are getting too strong, and you can retract it and make use of all of the surrounding nature. You can dress it up with plants, lights, and create the perfect seating area come rain or shine! It’s also the perfect solution for entertaining guests even if the weather isn’t ideal. Gone are the days in which you cancel plans because Mother Nature won’t allow for it! An awning will allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space while adding value to your home, no matter its size.