When to Replace Your Awning

Awnings are one of those products that can last you years. But unfortunately, like everything in life, they also have their expiration date. It’s not easy to guess when you should replace your awning, but there are a few signs that point to when it should be done. In order to maximize the safety and protection that your awning provides, below are 4 signs that you should replace your awning. 

Signs of Damage to the Frame

One of the surest signs that you’ll need to replace your awning is if you find any damage to the frame itself. Awnings are made with sturdy aluminum frames and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. But if your awning has seen a lot of wind, rain, and snow, then it’s possible that its life expectancy’s gotten shorter. Moreover, if some of the damage includes the awning being detached from the frame, then you should take it down as soon as possible. A detached awning can be extremely dangerous and could lead to serious injury. 

They Require More Maintenance

Another way of knowing when you should replace your awning is if you notice that it requires a lot of maintenance. Although this isn’t a functional issue with the awning, if you find yourself not enjoying it, then you should consider replacing it. All awnings require some level of maintenance, but it shouldn’t make you feel like it’s a hassle.

So if you own a retractable awning, but you find yourself not retracting it very often, consider investing in a stationary awning. A stationary awning will also ensure that you won’t have to potentially deal with motor issues down the line. However, if you’re the kind of person that despises cleaning, then a retractable awning might be for you. Not only will you get the convenience of switching from sunlight to shade with the push of a button, but retracting it will make it less exposed to the elements, and will therefore require less cleaning. Keep in mind that you should still do some light cleaning on a monthly basis, but you won’t need to brush off debris as often as with a stationary awning.

Signs of Aging

Unless your awning is really old and has been through some very bad weather conditions, the only thing that will need replacing is your awning fabric. Awning fabric tend to have a shorter lifespan than awning structures. Although they’re quite sturdy and can last a few years, they’re not completely immune to wear and tear. Awning fabrics can sometimes subject to molding. Mold is pretty hazardous if you’re exposed to it for long periods of time, so you should either invest in a mold remover, contact a professional, or replace the fabric entirely. Other signs of aging include fabric tears from fallen branches or bad weather, or even sun damage. If any of these have occurred, then it might be a good idea to invest in a newer fabric. It’ll also give you the chance to revamp your backyard!

Issues with Functionality

Another sign that it might be time to either replace a part or the whole of an awning is if you’re having issues with its functionality. For example, if you own a retractable awning that will not longer extend or retract, then you might be having electrical problems or motor issues. In either case, having an awning that doesn’t work absolutely sucks. Luckily, awnings typically come with long warranties, and it’s likely that you’ll just need to get it repaired rather than have to replace the entire thing. 

Although awnings can last many years depending on the weather conditions it’s been through, there comes a time when it’ll just need replacing. But sometimes it’s the awning fabric that might need some sprucing up. Frames tend to last longer than fabrics (which can last between 5 to 15 years), so be sure to ask an awning professional before making any big decisions. If you want to make your awning last as long as it possibly can, regular maintenance is important. But if you find yourself in a situation in which you need to replace it, then don’t hesitate to contact awning experts that can make your awning dreams come true!

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