When it comes to outdoor living, it may be difficult for you to choose between a pergola, a stationary awning and a retractable awning because each product has its different advantages. What makes bioclimatic pergolas so effective is their ability to effortlessly alternate between a desired exposure to the sun and a completely weatherproof shelter.

Adjustable Blades

Due to their adjustable aluminum blades, Horizon V2 bioclimatic pergolas allow adjustments on request. You only need to press a button in order to control the angle of the blades of your pergola. When the blades are completely closed, the pergola will transform into a waterproof roof, protecting you from the rain. Rainwater is conducted directly into the posts, making the water flow invisible.


The bioclimatic pergola is available in two versions: one that is attached to the wall of your residence and one that stands autonomously on 4 pillars.

The pergola is also available in a variety of colors to complement your home.

Robust Structure

Mitjavila pergolas are made of high quality materials and their unique design offers robustness, elegance and ultra-quiet operation.

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