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The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many employers asking their employees to work from home. While feeling trapped inside their houses, backyards quickly became a source of freedom — an oasis where many relieved their stress and anxieties. Because of this, outdoor decor has gained a lot of traction. Below are the coolest outdoor decor trends that are growing in popularity in 2022. 

A sleek and decluttered space

When you’re feeling anxious and want to find peace in your backyard, the last thing you want to see when you step outside is a bunch of knick-knacks lying around. Decluttering will make a huge difference in the way your outdoor space makes you feel. So put that lawn-mower away, sell some of your patio furniture, and choose your accessories wisely. When making the decision to declutter, think of a colour palette you want to adhere to and keep the things that respect it. You also want to ensure that there isn’t too much texture — which will only serve to overwhelm the space. Decluttering is especially ideal for those who are renovating their backyards on a budget!

Keep it Sustainable 

These days, it seems like the world is undergoing a series of scary changes. Because of this, a number of people are becoming more eco-friendly. But how should you apply this line of thought to outdoor decor? Consider using recycled materials and reclaimed wood. Many companies may also offer you eco-friendly decor and sustainable building materials for those that enjoy a more DIY take on decor. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will also make you feel good every time you step outside. After all, you have to be the change you want to see in the world. 

Boho-chic is making a comeback

Sleek, modern, and minimalistic furniture and styles used to be the most popular choice in terms of outdoor decor. But because these styles are often stark and cold, people who are seeking to make their backyard more homey and uplifting are turning to boho-chic styles. Think patterned textures, natural wood, and warm colours. One of the most common boho trends to take root in backyards is the hammock — hammocks create a comfortable and inviting space while also maintaining a modern feel.

Although bohemian furniture and designs are coming back in style, that doesn’t mean that modern trends went out the window. In fact, most have decided to combine the modern/sleek look with bohemian traits — so sleek finishings and bold angles with bright textures and warm tones.

Plants, Plants, and more Plants

Studies show that the colour green reduces anxiety and produces in us a feeling of well-being. What better way to incorporate this in your garden than through plants? Many people have taken a liking to adding many different plants to their garden because they add colour and joy to their outdoor space. They also provide homeowners with a nice hobby during stressful times — a hobby that doesn’t require too much of your time and effort. 

To keep up with the sustainability and bohemian trend, you can think of ways to turn used household objects, such as tea tins, into planters. Another trend that’s gaining a lot of popularity is vertical gardens! These allow you to hang your planters up from the patio ceiling. You can even have vines climb up wooden frames. Vertical gardening is a great way of adding greenery to your garden without sacrificing space. 

Work From Home Spaces

Since finding out that employees are just as productive, if not more, when working from home, employers are reluctant to have them come back to the office. In fact, a work-from-home model, or even a hybrid one, will save employers money. This trend is therefore not going away any time soon. In order to adjust and make working from home more bearable, outdoor work spaces are creeping up the list to become one of the top outdoor decor trends in 2022.  In order to create the perfect outdoor workspace, you’ll evidently need strong wifi connection, a shaded area, and comfortable seating. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

More people are spending time outdoors, so of course they’d want a lounge area in which they could invite their friends and family to join. In order to have the perfect outdoor living room, you have to make sure that the furniture you choose compliments the rest of your backyard. You’ll also want to accessorize to make it feel more welcoming. It’s important that when you separate the space from the rest. The best way to do so is to keep the outdoor living room under a shaded area. 

There are many ways in which you can add shade to your backyard. Awnings are a popular choice — stationary awnings are great as permanent fixtures that act as an extension of your home, and retractable awnings are great for alternating between shade and sunlight with the push of a button. 

Other popular choices are gazebos and pergolas. Gazebos are ideal for those that want a fully shaded space under a separate seating area. Pergolas, on the other hand are great for those that want the isolated structure, but the not the full protection that gazebos offer. Instead, the shading can come from vines climbing up the lattice, or a canvas of choice. 

If you’re having trouble deciding how you want to get your shade, contact experts in all things related to shading. They will help you determine what the best choice is for your outdoor needs. 

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