How do Retractable Awnings Work?

Retractable awnings are gaining more popularity because of their flexibility and convenience. They are the perfect complement to any outdoor activity, as they allow you to protect your guests and yourself from the sun and rain, while remaining outdoors. But what is a retractable awning and how does it work?

To put it simply, a retractable awning is a type of awning that can be rolled into a housing that protects them from the weather or rolled out to protect you from the sun and rain. As for its operation, there are some factors to take into consideration: the architecture of the building where it will be installed, the specific needs to be filled, the position of the sun, the orientation of the wind, the types of motorization and sensors.

Types of Motorization

Manual Retractable Awnings

Manual awnings have an external crank and a handle that raises the awning. In order to retract it, you have to turn the crank. The number of crank turns depends on the type of winch, which is chosen according to the size of the awning. However, some canopies with side arms fold against the wall on each side of the window.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Motorized awnings retract or open at the touch of a button. Generally, the remote control is more popular than the wall switch. They have a silent motor that is inserted inside the tube on which wraps the canvas. If the engine breaks down, you have the option to open or retract the awning manually. Some of these motorized awnings can detect weather conditions and open or close automatically. This type of engine is impressive, but we can not go over the fact that vigilance is always required when using the retractable awning, especially when the wind is stronger or rain is more abundant.

Do You Have a Retractable Awning Project?

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