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Guide to backyard renovations: the dos and don'ts

Guide to backyard renovations: the dos and don'ts

Just like you might design your house in a way that is perfectly tailored to your wants and needs, designing your backyard is the same. What’s great about brainstorming your backyard’s conception is that there’s no “standard” for it. It can be whatever you want it to be — whether you want a play park, a pool, or a relaxation area. The options are limitless! But there are certain things you should keep in mind when renovating your outdoor space. Keep reading to find out what you should do and what you should avoid doing when it comes to renovating your backyard.

Do Think Ahead

Before making any kind of commitment, make sure you think ahead. Thinking ahead means knowing exactly what you want and determining whether or not everything will fit in the space that you have. If you realize that you can’t make everything you wanted fit in your backyard, then you should try to make a list in which you prioritize different elements of your outdoor space. Moreover, think of your needs. By this, we mean that you should think about who will use the backyard the most — are you going to use it and make it your relaxation haven, or will you kids use it, and therefore need a play space? Once you determine what your priorities are and what purpose your backyard will serve — as well as who it will serve — you can finally get started on your renovations.

Don’t splurge on the wrong things

It’s understandable that you’d want nothing but the best for your outdoor space, but if you can’t get all of the nicest things without going over your budget, then you should figure out what would make sense for you to spend more of your budget on. For example, spending a whole lot of your budget on landscaping and plants will mean that you’ll have to spend less on your deck and other areas of your outdoor space. Just like thinking ahead, this requires prioritizing certain aspects of your renovation.

Do Estimate your budget

It’s always a good idea to estimate just how much everything will cost so that you don’t go over your budget. After prioritizing which aspects of your backyard you’re ready to spend a little bit more on, draw up a list of how much you’re prepared to spend on each area. That way, you can keep track of exactly how much your spending. If one item ended up costing more than you were expecting, you can make adjustments. Likewise, if something ended up costing a lot less, then you can afford to spend a little bit more on the stuff that really matters to you! Having an estimate for all of the renovations you plan on undertaking will also help in terms of letting your contractor know what your limits are, and how he can proceed with the renovations while remaining within your budget.

Don’t forget to think of maintenance

One of the things that you should keep in mind when doing backyard renovations is how much maintenance everything will require. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t enjoy taking care of your backyard and you don’t want to spend extra money on hiring help to take care of it, then you’ll want to incorporate things that require very little maintenance. If you don’t like doing yard work, minimize the amount of yard work you’ll need to do! Many people end up regretting the choices they’ve made when they realize just how much time they need to spend on basic upkeep. So if you don’t think you’ll be putting in the extra work, your best bet would be to do something minimalistic.

Do get an awning

Whatever you choose to do for your backyard, don’t forget to add an awning! Awnings are not only beautiful additions to your outdoor area, but they provided you with a shaded space when the sun’s rays are too strong. And that’s not all! If placed close to windows, awnings can help you save a lot of money on your electricity bills, since they help control the temperature inside of your house. Plus, you can do so much with an awning! You can create a little reading nook, a dining area, or even a kitchen area beneath it! With a wide variety of awnings, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your backyard — whether that means getting a retractable awning , a stationary awning , or even a bioclimatic pergola . Your awning will be the one choice you make that you can be sure to never regret.