Bioclimatic Pergola: an Awning for the Winter

bioclimatic pergola

If you’re looking for the best shading solution for your backyard, look no further than the bioclimatic pergola. An awning for all seasons, the bioclimatic pergola is sure to satisfy all of your shading solution needs.

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

A bioclimatic pergola, much like a regular awning, protects you from harsh wether conditions such as strong UV rays and rain. However, unlike awning, these structures have adjustable slats made in aluminum that can be completely closed in a horizontal position, or angled to allow some light in the space beneath the pergola.

The simplicity with which bioclimatic pergolas may alternate between a specified amount of sun exposure and a totally weatherproof shelter is what makes them so efficient. The pergola’s blades may be adjusted in angle by simply pushing a button. It will change into a waterproof roof when the blades are fully closed, shielding you from the rain. Rainwater will then run directly into the posts, concealing the water flow.

There are two different types of bioclimatic pergolas to choose from. The first is attached to an already existing wall and acts as an extension of your home. The second is a free-standing structure. This means that if you don’t have any wall space to attach a pergola, you can always reap the benefits of it by installing one anywhere in your backyard.

What are its advantages?

It’s no secret that there are many advantages to installing an awning in your outdoor area. Bioclimatic pergolas have all of those advantages and take them a step further. Among the most notable advantages, bioclimatic pergolas offer:

Protection from the elements

The main advantage of bioclimatic pergolas is that they protect you against all the elements. When it’s really sunny or rainy, you can close the slats so that no harmful UV rays or rainwater enter. And no, there are no gaps between slats. Likewise, if the sun’s rays aren’t too strong, you can angle the slats to let a bit of light in. But these pergolas don’t only protect you against sun and rain! They’re also effective against wind and snow.

During the winter, it’s generally recommended to dismount your awning and store the fabric during the wintertime because the snow can weigh down on the fabric and ruin it. But because bioclimatic pergolas are made of sturdy aluminum, you can leave it outside during the snowy months. It is only recommended that you try to remove snow, since it shouldn’t be subject to heavy snowfalls.

Additionally, bioclimatic pergolas can protect you against any sort of falling debris. Where you might be afraid of branches and other debris falling on a canvas awning, bioclimatic pergolas offer you peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about tears or even colour fading.

Alternate with ease

The great thing about bioclimatic pergolas is that you can alternate and angle the slats with ease. If you’re looking to build yourself a Smart Home, then bioclimatic pergolas are the right choice. You can set it up with your Smart Home app, and set timers and schedules for opening and closing the slats. You can also equip it with sensors that can detect rain and temperatures so that the slats can open and close accordingly.

Easy to maintain

Your pergola’s slats may be cleaned with simply soap and water. If certain stains are challenging to get rid of, you can try to use white vinegar on them. Be sure to rinse the blades after any cleaning — soap or vinegar.

If you want to ensure that your bioclimatic pergola is in optimal condition, try to lubricate the mechanical parts every month or so. Check the gutters on a regular basis and make sure there’s nothing in them that is blocking water drainage. You should also try to keep the slats in their open position if there are a lot of falling leaves or snow.

Energy efficient

If you’ve chosen a bioclimatic pergola that is attached to an already-existing wall in your backyard, then your bioclimatic pergola can act as an energy saver. Just like a retractable awning, you can close the slats to prevent more heat from entering your home, reducing the need for your air conditioner. Awnings can even reduce your cooling energy by 25%! Similarly, if it’s too cold in your house, you can open up the slats and let the light in, reducing the need to run the heater for prolonged periods of time.


You don’t have to worry about your awning making a ton of noise whenever you close or open the slats. Though they are robust, bioclimatic pergolas are amazingly quiet in their operation. In fact, if you do hear any jolting sounds, you might want to get it looked at by an expert!


Just because your bioclimatic pergola is made of aluminum, doesn’t mean that you can’t customize is to your liking. There are many different finishes to choose from, so you’re sure that it will fit the exterior style of your home. What’s more is that you get to customize the size, so you’re sure that it’s going to fit in your backyard. However, keep in mind that there are maximum size constraints that you have to consider before deciding on a size.

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